The Versicolor Child of My Youth

The Versicolor Child of My Youth started after reading Bob Monroe's books. Though the books deal strongly with Out of Body Experience, Monroe also writes about his experiments with sound technology, specifically his work done with Hemispheric- Synchronization. Essentially, he was using sound to get both sides of the brain to function in concert, and thus open up vast new levels of awareness.

We often hear people say that they are incapable of creativity because they are too left brained, or that they are visually oriented and thus incapable of something like using the English language in a coherent manner. I have always found this "hemispherism" to be both limiting and irresponsible. By assigning ourselves to functioning solely on one side of the brain, we shut off nearly half of what might be experienced in this life.

I have always flipped back and forth between language and image and have a tendency to interchange the two. Most people who are close to me are sensitive enough to understand the way I communicate, but new people are sometimes baffled when in order to illustrate a point with emphasis, I start to "think" pictures at them. The point is that language and visual are just more tools to communicate and open ourselves further to an expression of the experience.

The idea behind Versicolor Child is the integration of word and image to create a type of poetry which is experienced viscerally, where the language and the image become an event, a moment beyond the accepted meaning and a brand new communication is born. It is about recreating the concept and the form.

This work is still very much in the beginning stages. My own images of language are of yet untranslated and though the skeleton of this project has been erected, I have not yet hung the skin nor seen the face of it. Updates will be posted as they are born.

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