The Taroad

My younger brother is to thank for the inception of the Taroad. About halfway through high school and after having attended several "future doctors" conferences, Michael decided that maybe he did not want to get into medicine and that perhaps the inner workings of another mechanism other than the human body were really more fascinating to him. He started taking metal shop classes and small engine repair courses. Around the same time, he also began to question me and Don Jefe about reading cards. Don Jefe gifted my brother a standard Rider-Waite deck, and I got to thinking.

Ever fascinated with "the process", one of my frustrations in doing readings for people is in the fixation upon an outcome. A good reading is less about will happen and more about the direction a person is heading in order to reach the potential juncture. It is more about steering and less about fate. These bodies are the vessels which carry us down the path in our experience of this here and now. What the cards are telling us is more like a possible itinerary for the trip we are about to take.

So why not cars?

I felt the car was a good metaphor for what our bodies are doing on this earth. The car is a functional vessel to get us where we are going. We can take care of it, or we can neglect it. We can customize it and make it stand out, or we can keep it standard and blend in to the crowd. We can run it out of control and bring harm to ourselves and others, or we can learn discipline and exert choice and free will through conscious action and control.

We are also getting to the point in our society where alone in the car is perhaps the only time when we are able to find stillness. Some of my friends find the bubble of the morning commute to be the only time they can meditate. Many people will go for a ride to clear their heads. As modern shaman, we are called upon to pull ritual and significance from that which holds power in this day and age, and that may not be the same as what held power hundreds of years ago. Symbols are effective because they trigger the soul, the true self, the super-conscious mind, but a symbol is only as powerful as the attachment put upon it. An out of date symbol holds no sway; the trigger has evaporated from disuse. Cars are current. Cars are powerful symbols. Cars have become a way of defining the way we live now.

The Taroad is near completion. There is still some textual editing to be done, but the bulk of the work is finished. Keep checking this site for updates and announcements concerning this project.

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