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Lorianne Karney grew up across Europe and America. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and has continued traveling. At present, she lives in Florida. Her current projects include a tarot deck based on automobiles and a book of "Technicolor Verse" titled The Versicolor Child of My Youth. This is her first novel.

...and that's about all you can really fit on the back of a book. But lives are farther still than these words, these pages, these spines bound tight with pulp and glue. If you think that all there is to be can hold itself contained in these lines and circles, then you have not thought far enough or wide enough. Then you have not been far enough, wide enough.

I have always found the question "Can you tell me about yourself?" to be a funny one. My sense of humor is often sideways, and I wonder, how do I answer this?
"No, I can't."
Once I have said one thing and committed to it, I find it is really different. In the breath it takes to utter the words, I have changed.

But there is one thing; everything spirals outward. It doesn't repeat, it evolves. We are different even as we travel through the same places.

The Author, age 6.

"Can't you just answer a simple question?"
Have you ever really heard a simple question? By their very nature, questions are keys, and keys open doors, and doors lead ...


There are no simple answers. Even yes and no come in colors, flavors, degrees.

And fitting all about me between a pen and a paper (or the electrons and the pixels on this screen), is a daunting task at best. In an English class I once took, we were to compose our autobiographies, as a lesson in factual writing. I passed the class, but I have yet to finish the assignment.

There is this:
I grew up talking to people no one could see.
At an early age I acquired a large, ornery tabby cat who watched over me.
I have lived through random acts.
I have made a conscious effort to step beyond what is known.
I have acted randomly through this life.
I (still) have a (different) large, ornery tabby cat who watches over me.
My husband took it fairly well that I totally forgot to mention him in the acknowledgements.

What can I say?

About the Author:
"So far, she has come a long way."

The Author on her 30th Birthday

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